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University of Denver | Alpha Xi Chapter

The 8 founders of the Astounding Alpha Xi Chapter

During the Spring of 2013, Fendi Chung and Sensel Ogbazghi discussed the lack of diversity at the University of Denver. After hearing about Theta Nu Xi Multicultural Sorority Inc., they realized that the sorority’s core values strongly resonated with theirs and agreed to establish a student organization that embodied those values. Vision Inspired By Empowerment (V.I.B.E.) was created in November 2013. V.I.B.E presented to the MGC community about their desire to bring a multiculturally-based sorority to campus and join the Multicultural Greek Council. V.I.B.E. was officially approved as an MGC interest group on May 13, 2014. After much work and dedication, the members of V.I.B.E emerged as the Alpha Xi Colony at the University of Denver on April 30th, 2015. The Founders of the Alpha Xi Chapter are Tsion Shiferaw, Allison Loi, Stephanie Peralta, Tammy Le, Sensel Ogbazghi, Fendi Chung, Nadia Etchey and Nia Smith.


Hover over the photos below to learn more about the current sisters in Alpha Xi

Vanessa is the Ace of her line! She is a fourth year majoring in biology and minoring in leadership and gender & women's studies. She serves as the vice president and delegate for our chapter. 



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Jasmine is the Deuce of her line! She is a third year majoring in business and minoring in leadership and Japanese. She serves as the president and treasurer for our chapter.

     Jasmine Storer     

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Alisha is the Ace of her line! She a third year majoring in computer science and minoring in math, leadership, and business ethicsand legal studies. 

     Alisha Pravasi     

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Darlene is the Tre of her line! She is a third year majoring in psychology and minoring in biology.

     Darlene Boakye     

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Nicollette is the Deuce of her line! She is a third year majoring in environmental science and minoring in sustainability and leadership.


Viktorija is the quad of her line! She is a third year majoring in electrical engineering and minoring in leadership.

    Viktorija Zilajeva    

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